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All the photos on this site have been reduced in size to minimize loading time for viewers without high speed Internet access.  If you are interested in obtaining the higher (best) quality of any of these photos, please email me and I'll see what I can do.



Coeur d'Alene 2009 4th of July Fireworks Display


"The Magic Flute"  Photos from a production of "The Magic Flute" by the drama department of Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri.


Washington Photos   This is where I'll be putting my favorite photos of Washington State.  I'll be adding to this in the future and you may see a few photos from my slide shows here. 


The Civil War  These photos were taken on 5/27/07 during the 2007 Civil War Reenactment in Spokane, WA.


King's Mountain, WA  These photos were taken on 5/5/07.   This is an isolated area east of Usk, WA which is a very small community north of Spokane, WA. 


Vantage, WA  This small sample of photos were taken on 3/1/07.  While many people travel through this area when driving between Spokane and Seattle, few stop to really look at the beauty.  During the winter it is windy and the roads can be treacherous.  During the summer it is hot, dry and not much more comfortable than winter. 


Elk Camp 2004  This collection of Elk Camp 2004 photos are from an elk and deer hunting trip during October 2004. The camp was in the mountains a few miles north of Elk, Idaho.

San Juan Islands If you have never been to the San Juan Islands you are missing an almost enchanted place.  Just off the north western coast of Washington State, these islands have all the beauty you could imagine.  There are islands of bare rock bordered by precipices tortured by relentless waves over the ions to islands richly covered with volcanic soils completely covered with lush vegetation.  A few are inhabited and accessible only by plane or boat, each with a rich history of exploration and discovery dating back to prehistoric times.  Indeed, these islands may have been an important part of the trail taken by ancient tribes from Asia to the Americas.  I'll be adding more photos to this gallery in the coming months.

Spokane, WA  Photos I took around Spokane during the last several years.  A couple of these are 4 to 6 individual photos combined to give a more panoramic view.  The Cliff Edge photo is one of the few that I left to be quite large to take advantage of the detail.

McNaught Comet  This is a photo I took through the branches of a tree on High Drive in Spokane, WA on January 12, 2007 at around 5:50 PM.  The comet is almost in the exact center of the photo. 


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Yard Flowers 2007  This collection of snapshots of  flowers in my yard.